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    28th July 2013: 5 Star, beautiful review for JFB from www.popYOUlarity.com

    wombOur worldwide press campaign continues and things have picked up in a big way over in North America where we’ve just been informed of a very nice 5 star review from an online music resource site based in Canada called popYOUlarity.com  Here’s a link to the review.  We’ve also reprinted it below.  Big thanks to the staff there for the 5 star review and really getting our music, they say some really lovely things about our music.

    Review posted July 19th, 2013. 

    The future of Jazz lies in the hands of children. All children will at one point in their childhood be introduced to Jazz, but how can it be introduced to light a love for Jazz that could possibly last a lifetime? Jazz for Babies does just that with soothing and relaxing music for the tired toddler in your life. Jazz for babies offers five remarkable albums: The Saxophone Album, The Guitar Album, The Piano Album, The Trumpet Album, and The Vibraphone Album, each with colorful, appealing cover art.

    Being an expectant mother myself, with a baby that could come any day, I have been wondering how to introduce my child to music in a way that would be comforting, soothing and not corny; in a way that could help to create an early real appreciation of music. I found the answer within Jazz for babies.

    What I like is that many of the tunes appear more than once across the albums. Tracks such as “God Bless This Child” and “A Child Is Born” appear on each album, each song featuring a different instrumental focus. The tracks are quite a refreshing change from the computer-programmed songs parents today call child-orientated music.

    Jazz for babies is a gentle introduction to music for the little ones, from inside the womb to a tiny tot. The jazz lullabies are performed on real instruments, by real musicians,and soothe and educate even the tiniest little music fan as they drift off into their land of nod.


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