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A Recital in the Womb

womb Sharing music with your unborn child is both a wonderfully pleasurable experience and arguably one of the first active steps you can take in your baby’s development. It will calm and relax both you and your baby and, if you let it become a daily practice, it may well become the time of day you look forward to the most.

You can play music to your baby through your room speakers or by sitting or lying down with earphones, set at low volume, laid across your belly. Play music as you go around your daily business or settle down on your favorite sofa with the phone off or relax in a warm bath for an intimate recital in the womb.

Jazz for Babies has been specially recorded for the benefit of unborn and newborn babies however parents will also love our music because they are songs they know and love so well. The recordings are of the highest audio quality and the music has been arranged, adapted and performed as lullabies to be both calming and relaxing as well as gently stimulating.

The repertoire we have chosen to record for Jazz for Babies is a cross-section of the world’s most loved songs and presents a great opportunity for you to familiarize your baby with your voice by singing slowly and gently over the clearly performed melodies.

Music, as with all other sounds, can be heard by an unborn child and can help encourage brain development and creativity. Unborn babies can respond to the music they hear and will remember the music after birth. If they are played calm and relaxing music in the womb they may well respond in a calm and relaxed way when hearing it again when born. We hope that music will become a joy and comfort for you and your baby as you get to know each other throughout those early years.

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