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    28th August 2013: Rave reviews and high praise for JFB music comes our way from some of America’s most widely read mommy blogs!



    We’ve had a lot of rave reviews stateside on some of America’s most widely read mommy blog sites, some with readerships over 40K a month! And every single one of them have said fantastic things about our new instrument-themed series of baby music. Big thanks to all the mommmy bloggers! We’ve put the links below to the article and also have sourced some of the highlight quotes:


    “The songs are very soothing and perfect to listen to at bedtime when I’m trying to get the kids to wind down. I have read many articles that suggest it is beneficial to children’s brain development to listen to music at a young age. Jazz for Babies is a refreshing change from the processed and mechanical sounds we hear on many children’s CDs. These CDs would be perfect for a baby shower gift for a new mother. These albums can even be used to play music to unborn babies in the womb. I even find them relaxing myself after a stressful day with the kids.” – Being MVP

    “Jazz for Babies ~ The ultimate relaxation & calming solution for fussy babies and sleep deprived parents! The song list is awesome, and my favorites include “You Are So Beautiful”, “You Are My Sunshine” and “I’ll Be There” (by the Jackson 5!). Each song is performed on Grand Piano and Double Bass and is just so, so relaxing and calming. I have honestly found myself in my daughter’s room without her, listening to some of these tracks and relaxing in the glider. They put my mind at ease and calm her through the night as well.” – Ahh-mazing Reviews

    “It is the perfect music for resting and bedtime.” – Mommyonthego.com

    “I love playing The Piano Album when blogging since that is when baby is sleeping or napping. It gives me a certain peace and comfort while working and soothes her as she sleeps… We love all the songs!” – Courtney Sweets

    “Jazz For Babies makes the PERFECT baby shower gift or newborn present! Honestly the last thing new parents need is more bibs and baby booties that will hardly get used… Some of the calmest and most soothing baby music I have ever heard!” – Outnumbered 3 to 1

    “I am in LOVE with this amazing music. This is definitely something that both MOM and baby will enjoy! Janisch has produced an incredible array of slow and soothing renditions of the world’s most beautiful songs as part of five remarkable albums called Jazz For Babies. I was blown away by the quality of music and by how relaxing it was. I found myself being lulled to sleep! It’s definitely a change from your standard kids music and I love the change. Jazz for Babies is the perfect baby shower gift for any expecting mom. Trust me, they will thank you for it later! If you are a parent looking for a solution to lull your baby to sleep then this just might be it!” – Musthavemom

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