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    23rd August 2013: BIG NEWS: Jazz for Babies partners with Lazy Daisy to make DaisyBaby Music Album

    Lazy Daisy 17
    We are very honored here at JFB to have been asked by
    Lazy Daisy to produce all their relaxation music for use in classes as well as for general sale on their websites.  Lazy Daisy is the leading provider of Antenatal and Baby Classes in the UK, with a growing number of classes in countries such as USA, Australia, Singapore, Egypt and Cyprus.  In response we have designed and produced the completely unique and beautifully packaged album DaisyBaby Music which contains 20 Jazz for Babies recorded songs, each one individually selected by Lazy Daisy founder Julie Long.

    It’s very exciting to know that each week thousands of parents and babies across the world will be listening and relaxing to Jazz for Babies in Lazy Daisy classes, and here’s a link to the page on the Lazy Daisy site that features DaisyBaby Music, and you can also purchase the album right off their site.


    We’ve reprinted below what Lazy Daisy says about the new album:

    Calming music for Baby

    A soothing and calming CD designed just for Baby

    We are so delighted and privileged to have been given the opportunity to work with UK Record Label Jazz for Babies.  Both Julie Long, founder of Lazy Daisy® and Michael Janisch founder of Jazz for Babies, have put all their efforts and passion for music for babies into creating a unique extended 20-track compilation album of gorgeous laid back Jazz tracks, all designed to calm and soothe baby (whether in the womb or in your arms).

    A hand-picked selection of soothing and calming baby music

    Julie Long, mum of five, hand-picked beautifully melodic tracks featuring trumpet, vibraphone, saxophone and guitar.  Some you will recognize such as ‘You are my Sunshine’ and ‘When I fall in Love’ …. Others may be less familiar but equally joyous to listen to.

    What makes this compilation album so special, is that each track has been chosen because of its hidden meaning and metaphor for new parents and Julie sends a special message alongside each track title, such as

    “Track 18 My Favorite Things ….. Focus now on your favorite part of the day, the small things which make you smile …. Hold that feeling and let it become bigger and brighter”

    The tracks merge together in a beautiful wave of relaxation and confidence

    Furthermore, Michael has woven the tracks into an ebb and fall, to mirror the waves which Daisy mums focus on not only during their antenatal classes, but in baby classes too.  The end result ….. Blissful relaxation music for your baby and an empowering, confidence boosting journey for you!

    Tracks are organized into two sections ….. tracks to Uplift you and celebrate baby ….. and tracks to relax to (together!)

    Baby Loves Jazz for Web      Daisy Baby Music     Inside Cover Daisy Baby Music


    About Lazy Daisy Antenatal and Baby Classes

    Lazy Daisy founder Julie Long explains.

    lasydaisy“Our array of unique Antenatal Pregnancy Classes and Baby Classes are all inspired by movement, massage and relaxation and enable you to prepare for birth and enjoy the first months with baby, in a unique setting. For mums to be our unique active birth education is designed to make confident birth 2nd nature (using a move to improve approach, as we enjoy tailored and pregnancy yoga inspired movement for pregnancy alongside active birth education and birth breathing, specifically designed to provide a tool kit for any and every birth journey). And for new mummies a ‘must have’ 4th trimester class helps you understand how to use massage and calming techniques to soothe your new baby, whatever your parenting style. In addition a range of mummy & baby postnatal modules incorporating postnatal movement, infant massage & baby yoga, enable you to feel more confident, more comfortable and fit for motherhood (and help you reclaim your body and feel happy in your own skin!)”

    “We are not here to tell you ‘how to’ or what is right or wrong for you – but rather to help you discover an array of holistic techniques which can sit equally comfortably in any birth environment. From 4-hour natural labours at home, to mums feeding back on their increased confidence and feelings of empowerment during an assisted delivery, we have an array of past birthing stories ….. any birth choice or parenting style is respected, because you know your body and your baby best!”

    “We can even help you relax at home, with some lovely on-site relaxation samples from our antenatal classes and now a wonderful and unique calming CD for babies produced in collaboration with UK record label Jazz for Babies – simply luscious!”

    For all information about Lazy Dazy classes please visit their website:


    For more information about the new Daisybaby Music Album please go to:


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