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    13th March 2014: Big press update: glowing reviews in Mommy Blogs, Grand Magazine + appearance on The Broadcast TV ‘Metro Moms’ program

    We’ve been buys bees here at JFB as of late.  We’re currently working on four new albums of music that we’ve recorded based on all the emails we’ve had from parents around the world suggesting music to give the JFB treatment!

    And we’ve had a lot of great press come in from around the world and we thought we’d do a big update to keep you all in the loop.

    sleepCollageFirst of all, we’ve had more great reviews from some of the most widely-read mommy blogs in the USA.  Check out great features from The Bragging Mommy, Southern Girl Ramblings, and Coping with Frugality.

    Big thanks to those blogs for featuring our music. And here’s a great choice quote:  “I have seen the reviews on their website but I can tell you from first hand experience and that of my neighbors experience with these CDs. They had an amazingly calming effect on my child and I would recommend giving it a try if you are suffering from lack of sleep as well.  I am always trying out new ways to help with the discomforts of teething and other baby issues. I hate running to find a medication to always fix issues that can be helped without. This was one of those times that I was happy to have tried something new and to have a positive outcome from it.”




    Secondly, we had a nice surprise to learn we’ve been featured in Grand Magazine. 


    And better late then never, we’ve just been informed that we were featured on The Broadcast TV Metro Moms television program at the end of last year.  Although our mention is short but sweet, it’s nice to see we were featured in their year-end guide to Stocking Stuffers!  Check us out at 4:09 and don’t blink you’ll miss us! 🙂




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