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Parents & Grandparents tell us:

“This is hands down the best sounding baby music I have ever heard. Thank you for making this, now I don’t have to dread playing music to my kids anymore!”
Tomas – New York City

“I love playing all kinds of music to my children during the day, but at nighttime or when it’s time to calm down, I have been playing The Guitar Album. Beautiful songs and perfect atmosphere, and my favorite instrument!”
Nadja – Hamburg

“I would love to thank you for such a lovely time listening to this music before and after the birth of my baby girl Austeja 🙂 now my little hungry caterpillar of 5 days seems eating much better if I put The Trumpet Album on. It is getting more like a routine to put your music at night time as it is so calming for all the family. I do believe that babies are more sensitive to the sound than we imagine, so excellent quality music from early age is important as a base, developing good taste for music in the future. Many thanks!!!”
Jurgita & Austeja

“This music is just lovely, baby or no baby, and all the analytical considerations aside, it stands on its own as the most enjoyable music recorded with babies in mind I have ever heard. It’s very well produced and it’s as calming as it is creative.”
Neil (father of three) – Minneapolis

“For the last months of my pregnancy, my nightly ritual was to take a bath with essential oils, candles, and my Jazz for Babies Piano music playing on my laptop, it was a time of pure calm and I always felt Max moving to the music in the same way each night. Now that he is born, each evening I play the same album to him at nighttime, and as soon as I put the music on he immediately becomes very still, with a look on his face as if he is remembering something, and sometimes he even smiles as soon as I push play. It’s as if the music casts a magic spell on him.”
Carol – London, England

I love that the music is recorded on acoustic instruments, you can feel the personal touch of the musicians.
Kerry – Dublin, Ireland

“I love these albums. They sound so great and I just love that there is some baby music made by real musicians that doesn’t like it was put together in a day. The attention to detail in the adaptations of each song is amazing, and I feel like I am hearing them all for the first time. As for my little Angie, she loves them! We play the Vibraphone album to her every night before bed. I look forward to the next JFB albums. Keep making more!”
Annette (Proud mother of 2) – San Diego, California

“Jazz for Babies is such a beautiful and fantastic new series of albums! All the senses are important in the early stages of development and it’s great to finally have a quality musical alternative to the ‘junk food’ kinds of music that are currently out there. It’s so good that I personally think Jazz for Babies could almost be a required listening for all babies to give them the best possible introduction to the musical world!!”
Euan – Glasgow, Scotland

“Yes, this music is made with babies in mind, and in that capacity it works wonders, but from the outset I listened to it in the bath or whilst putting my feet up once Oscar was out for the count, and for me it has become medicinal, and has even replaced my nightly vino on occasion.”
Olivia (proud new mother to a reformed night owl) – London, England

“Lovely music not only for little people, but for big (and old) people like me too.”
Bertrand – Paris, France

“It’s so refreshing to have some sophisticated yet beautiful lullabies (I love all the different instruments) rather than the usual peppy nursery rhyme music that seems to only be aimed at animating my child. It’s nice to have music aimed at calming, and lately I’ve been singing my daughter to sleep along with the music.”
Aishia – Mayfair (London), England

“My Jazz for Babies albums are not only brilliant to listen to, they’ve become an essential part of our nighttime ritual when putting our little Leo to bed each night.”
Susanne – Louisville, Kentucky

“It’s so refreshing to hear real instruments on albums devoted to babies and toddlers, and we love all these classic songs as well! Thank you Jazz for Babies!”
Barbara, Tom & baby Jesse – Epsom, England

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