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Great Value 5 Album
Instrument-Themed Set

You can purchase a bundle of all 5 of our instrument-themed albums either as a set of physical CDs or a download bundle of digital albums with liner notes. You’ll save a good deal off the normal cost per CD and our GREAT OFFER on the digital bundle is literally less than the cost of one CD on our site. In total you’ll get 75 slow & relaxing instrumental renditions of the world’s most beautiful songs performed by world class musicians just for you & your baby to share.

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All 5 Physical Albums





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GREAT VALUE OFFER: All 5 Digital Albums





Get 5 digital albums of music for less than the price of one CD. All our digital products are 320 bitrate, & include a PDF file of the complete album artwork.

Individual Tracks

Individual tracks can be bought and listened to on the individual album pages.