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    23rd January 2014: High Praise from The Review Stew

    We’ve just received another rave review with high praise from The Review Stew! The ‘Head Review Chef’ writes: “I recently found a great set of five soothing albums from Jazz For Babies and now I know I will never get tired of listening to their music because there are FIVE albums to rotate through and I love all the songs and unique instruments used to make the music!”


    The review goes on to say “I don’t have any babies at the moment in my house, but my children are VERY active children and when it is quiet reading time in our house, I pop in one of the Jazz for Babies CDs and they instantly read and play quieter! I LOVE it! Right now our favorite is the Trumpets Album. I wasn’t sure at first that a Trumpet album would be soothing because when I think of trumpets, I think LOUD. But they truly use this instrument (and piano and Bass) in a soothing way playing some of my favorite songs!”

    The praise continues with “I love listening to the CDs with them too! I love when I recognize a song that I can hum along to or even sing the words to my children. Typically, baby calming music features computer-produced, synthetic sounds, etc, but not Jazz for Babies! Adults and children alike instantly notice the difference and love Jazz for Babies for its acoustic instruments, a rarity in calming baby music.”

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