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How to get the most from Jazz for Babies

There are many reasons and occasions to enjoy listening to music from one of the Jazz for Babies albums and benefit from these beautiful slow and relaxing lullabies. From our own experience and that of parents who have told us we list below some of the great ways we all have shared this music with our babies.

Bonding with your Baby

Sharing music can be the most pleasant and effective way of bonding with your baby and taking some time out to listen to Jazz for Babies lullabies together is the ideal way to do so. You can choose to quietly sing over the melodies of your favorite songs to familiarize your baby with your voice and, at the same time, enhance your child’s communication skills.

Night Time Routine

Let Jazz for Babies music become an integral part of your baby’s bedtime ritual. It’s a great time to introduce your baby to music and at the same time provide a calm and relaxing background ambience for what could otherwise be a stressful time for baby and parents.

Nap Time

Jazz for Babies music is the ideal accompaniment for the morning and afternoon nap. It will signal to your baby that it is nap time and if played regularly will help establish a solid nap time routine with you happy in the knowledge your baby is nodding off to beautiful music rather than the mechanical sounds of mobile toys.

Developing Musicality

By playing Jazz for Babies music quietly in the background throughout the day you will be introducing stimulating and interesting music to your baby at the earliest age encouraging an appreciation and love of music which will be a source of comfort and joy throughout the years to come.

In the Car

Many times after a busy morning at friends, classes or play groups, our babies and toddlers become so stimulated that the car ride home can be very trying. Simply put your JFB album in the CD player and let the sounds completely wash over your car and create a signal to your baby or toddler that it is now time to calm down after a busy and enjoyable morning, and that it will soon be nap time. Indeed many parents report that their babies are fast asleep by the time they get home. And it’s not only calming for the baby, it can relax you as well as you navigate through traffic.

Baby Massage

Playing Jazz for Babies establishes the perfect atmosphere in which to massage your baby. Let the motion of your warm hands moving to the gentle rhythms of Jazz for Babies comfort and reassure your child.

Group Calming

Jazz for Babies music can work it’s magic at nurseries at quiet time or at home if you are having a bunch of mums and babies over. The slow and relaxing music will help create a relaxed and soothing atmosphere that will encourage babies to become calm and quiet.

A Recital in the Womb

Share our music with your unborn child. It will calm and relax both you and your baby and, if you let it become a daily practice, it may well become the time of day you look forward to the most. For more about playing music to unborn babies click here.

Simply for Your Own Enjoyment

The songs on our albums mean so much to people of all ages around the world. We want parents to enjoy our music when they are with their babies and also when they are not. So whenever you want some beautiful & calming music to set the right mood just push play!!

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