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    23rd February 2013: Big News! June 10th, 2013 set as official worldwide release date for our first five albums in Stores, Online Stores & Digital.


    Mark your calendars because we’ve got some big news!

    Announcing the official worldwide release date for our first five albums…

    June 10th 2013






    As of June 10th, 2013 our first five albums will be available in all good record stores in over 12 Countries (USA Store Release date is June 18th) as well as available to download from over 70 online retailers such as Itunes, Play.com & Amazon.

    That’s not all– JFB will also be available in non-musical stores as well (gift shops, mother & baby stores, book stores, + more)! Stay tuned as we update you on where you’ll be able to purchase our albums.

    ADVANCE COPIES are now available here on our own website.  You don’t need to wait until June to get our first five albums, simply visit the store page and listen to preview tracks to see which album is right for you!  We offer our albums as Physical CDs, Digital Albums or even Individual Tracks if you so wish, and we accept all credit cards and currencies from anywhere in the world as we use PayPal to process all our orders, making everything fast and easy.

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