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    23rd June 2014: Nice review from ‘sleep deprived mom’ of our music!

    The Guitar Album - Jazz for BabiesWe often get messages from parents around the world thanking us for our music and how they have enjoyed it, and especially appreciate that we’ve used acoustic instruments and recorded music that they can enjoy as well. Just yesterday we had a great message from a mother of three which we reprint below:

    “As a recent mother of three I definitely get that every child is different and what works for one child doesn’t always work for the other. I have read all the parent books and being a nurse i feel I have a “leg” up on most parents. I had always read that playing music for a baby while still In utero helps to develop the child and can benefit them later in life.

    It wasn’t until my third pregnancy that I was given the gift of the complete 5 album set of jazz for babies. Thinking that this was an ordinary music collection I politely thanked my gift giver and wondered how long these would last. On my first night playing this for my unborn child I was able to hear the music through my very stretched out headphones as quite pregnant. it was at this point I realized how different this selection of music was. I never imagined that this so called baby music would have such high sound quality or that I would be able to relate and actually enjoy the songs on the CDs.

    My third child is now 7 months old and I am still enjoying this music as well as my other children as well. I have downloaded all 5 CDs in my car and when baby starts fussing I turn this on and in less than three minutes she is settled down. I have to also say that when mom has had a stressful day at work and when sitting inrush hour traffic I find it very beneficial to help me relax on my commute home.

    It works so well that my older two children ages 3 and 7 ask me to turn in the “pretty music”. I have even started playing jazz for babies when my oldest does her homework.

    So what is jazz for babies? Some might say that it’s wide collection of music spanning 5 different musical instruments with spectacular sound quality and to this I say yes I agree however as I write this at 1143 pm and have my teething seventh month old drift off to sleep within a couple of minutes it is so much more than that to me!

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