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Parents Love the Difference

The entire Jazz for Babies music collection has established a unique place in the world of children and baby music by abandoning the mass produced, synthesized and mechanical sounding recordings (often referred to as ‘muzak’), mobile toys and dreaded music boxes in favor of capturing the beautiful sounds of acoustic piano, double bass, acoustic guitar, saxophone, trumpet and vibraphone, all performed by world class musicians.

pianoAll of our albums are recorded live in a London studio with further post production sound-work undertaken by five time Grammy-nominated engineer Tyler McDiarmid, (also a proud father of three). This results in masterfully produced albums that boast a pristine sound quality like no other music that has been produced with babies and toddlers in mind anywhere in the world.

Our albums are specifically designed and recorded so that the intricacies of all the beautiful instruments sound incredibly clear even at the low volumes you will wish to set to send your baby to sleep.

Parents, tired of the poorly considered ‘baby music’ recordings available on the market today, tell us they have longed for such music. Music that is sophisticated enough to engage and entertain them as well as being relaxing and calming enough to soothe and pacify their babies.

Finally, Jazz for Babies albums feature a unique musical element that no other baby music on the market has and that is ‘improvisation’. This is when a musician engages in spontaneous composition and creativity. Fascinating research has shown that when a musician improvises there is an increase in activity in areas of their mind linked with self-expression and individuality. So not only can our music be a help in calming and sending babies off to sleep, but they are also being exposed to truly creative music as well. All of these reasons are why parents are telling us they really appreciate the difference.

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