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Research into the Benefits of Sharing Good Music with your Baby

Much has been written to suggest that playing good music to babies from the earliest age or even in the womb is highly beneficial. A search of the internet will reveal many such articles, a selection of which are mentioned below:


“Music has the ability to communicate in a way that goes far beyond our imagination. It can transfer a musical language containing all kinds of emotional and educational messages, which can be understood unconsciously by all babies worldwide, regardless of race or ethnic background. Even more fascinating, after the birth, when you play the same music, your baby will recognize it from before birth. This pleasant association brings the baby back to the safe period inside the womb. The music therefore will relax and comfort your baby.”

Dr. Alexandra Lamont, Lecturer in Music Psychology at Keele University

“Researchers believe that musical training actually creates new pathways in the brain, and music can have positive effects on our moods that may make learning easier.”

Diana Bales, Ph.D. Building Baby’s Brain: The Role of Music

“During jazz improvisation, the brain lets self‐expression flow, thus turning up creativity and conveying individuality.”

Dr. Charles Limb, John Hopkins University; Dr. Allen Braun, National Institutes of Health

“Studies suggest that playing music to a baby in the womb, and in early childhood years, helps brain development. Some believe that exposure to music while in the womb also contributes to increased intellectual ability.”

Dr. Rob Hicks, Classic FM: Music for Babies

“By the time the unborn child is six months in utero, he or she not only hears music but also responds, interacts, differentiates, and even has preferences.”

Music for Babies – Music for Teenagers excerpted from The Power of Sound, published by Healing Arts Press.

“Playing music when you want to relax is a wonderful way of using music. Take time to sit quietly and invite your baby to a concert in the womb.”

Asa Jomard (Phychologist), Music and Sounds in the Womb

“Jazz Music can lift the listener into Theta consciousness. Theta waves give birth to artistic and spiritual insight.”

DeDee Coulter, Specialist in Musical Patterning and Neurological Development

“Research Shows Babies Recognize Music in the Womb.”

Maggie Owens, ABC NEWS

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