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Copyrights & Licensing

Jazz for Babies is a Private Limited Company registered in England & Wales. Company Number 8376543

Jazz for Babies is a Trademark of Jazz for Babies Ltd. All site content (text, photography, and JFB imagery) Copyright (C) 2013-2015 Jazz for Babies Ltd – All rights reserved. No reproduction of this site or its content is allowed without prior written consent from Jazz for Babies Ltd.

Jazz for Babies Ltd. is a member of MCPS/PRS Alliance. All required mechanical royalties for the entire JFB Catalog of music has been paid, and the appropriate licenses have been obtained for each album. For any inquiries, please contact info@jazzforbabies.org.

The Jazz for Babies website has an ONLINE MUSIC LICENSE (Permanent Download Service) from PRS For Music (License Reference: LE- 0007016 | OLE-006944)

Great music is expensive to produce and manufacture. Unauthorized public performance, giving away, broadcasting, copying, streaming, file sharing, or resale of JFB music from both our digital & physical albums is strictly prohibited.

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