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About: Jazz for Babies

Jazz for Babies is a multi-award winning series of recorded music creatively produced to soothe, calm and engender a life-long love of music in babies and toddlers that parents can enjoy as well. It has already established a unique place in the world of ‘baby music’ by abandoning the mass produced, synthesized and mechanical sounding recordings (often referred to as ‘muzak’), mobile toys and dreaded music boxes in favor of using the inimitable sounds of acoustic instruments performed by world class musicians.

Introducing a child to the right kind of music at the earliest age can help them become calm and serene as well as develop creativity and individuality. Babies hear and respond to music played in utero and even develop preferences. If the right type of music is played to them in these early days they will recognize it later when it will help calm and soothe them. There is plenty of poorly produced ‘baby & toddler music’ in the world featuring computer-generated albums (whipped up by someone on a computer using bland synthetic instrument sounds), and when referring to ‘baby music’ most parents react in horror.

Jazz for Babies albums are different in that the music on our albums were recorded live in the studio by world class musicians on acoustic instruments. Further post production work was carried out by an experienced team of Grammy award winning sound engineers resulting in our music being produced to the highest standard; the same standard that is expected to be produced for adults to listen to but recorded with the intention that the audience would be babies and toddlers. The music is also sophisticated and entertaining enough that their parents can enjoy it as well. Go to the LISTEN page to hear for yourself.

Each of our albums showcase calm and soothing instrumental lullaby renditions of many of the world’s most cherished songs with a classic jazz touch and feel and each track features a little splash of melodic improvisation as well. For decades, jazz musicians have adapted and arranged popular songs into their own instrumental versions and used the structures of these songs to improvise, which is when a musician engages in spontaneous composition & creativity. This is something the musicians featured on our albums have been doing for years and so decided to follow this formula but, at the same time, perform each song as a simple lullaby which they admit was a fun challenge.

Since we launched our first series of albums the enthusiasm for Jazz for Babies has been overwhelmingly positive. Parents and Grandparents from the around the globe have written us heartwarming stories of how they have enjoyed our music with their young ones, and everyone seems to love the fact that we have decided to go to the great effort of recording the albums on acoustic instruments performed live by musicians. And the international music and juvenile press have praised the high quality of production and creativity of our albums.

Excitedly, within nine months of launching our first five albums we have won many coveted juvenile industry awards such as CD of the Year in Creative Child Magazine, the National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) Honors Award in the Music Category, a Parent’s Choice Award for Audio, Dr. Toy’s 10 Best Audio/Video/DVD and the National Parenting Centers Seal of Approval for Children’s Audio. One final happy surprise has been the number of adults who have bought our music simply for their own pleasure.

We hope you share and enjoy this music with your baby and that music will be a joy and comfort throughout your child’s life.


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