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    8th February 2013: We’ve been in the studio recording four more albums


    Busy times here at JFB!  In mid January, we spent a week recording 60 more songs in an award winning London Studio for four new exciting albums which we’ll be releasing later in 2013.  We’re currently working on the music in NYC getting the sound pristine and ready to share with the world.  It’s still too early to announce the actual names of the albums, but what we can share is that the music featured on three of the albums are lullaby adaptations of two of the most prolific and loved song writers / musicians of all time, and definitely two of our favorites.  In fact, one of the songwriters was so prolific we’ve recorded two volumes of their music. And a special treat is the fourth album, which we believe is going to change the way you think about baby music!

    That’s all we can say for now, and more info to come on these exciting releases soon, in the meantime, check out our first five albums here. Thank you!

    first 5 albums


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