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    14th January 2013: The official ‘Jazz for Babies’ website is now online

    Welcome to the Jazz for Babies website! We’ve just went live and online today and have a lot of additions planned for the site in the coming weeks, so keep coming back to see us as we grow.  The official website launch will be announced soon. We’re a brand new company and we hope you enjoy your time here exploring the site and learning about our unique baby music.  What’s Jazz for Babies you ask? READ HERE to find out.


    In the coming months and years we’ll be adding many albums to our catalog, but so far we’ve recorded and pressed five albums of pristine quality lullaby music featuring real instruments recorded by world class musicians to launch our new product line, and all five will be available on this site as physical CDs, Digital Albums with an Album Artwork PDF, or even individual MP3 tracks from our state of the art e-commerce STORE page.  Also, bundles and gift packages will be made available soon which will make the perfect gift for a soon-to-be parent, as well as parents of infants, babies and toddlers!

    All our albums were produced by proud father and internationally acclaimed jazz artist Michael Janisch, who’s double bass underpins all of the timeless songs we’ve chosen for this series.  We hope that you can see and feel the love that was put into our albums, and that music will be a joy in your babie’s life for years to come! Once again, Welcome, and stay tuned as we’ll be adding loads of new content to the site in the coming months.

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